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Here are just a few of our clients:

ExxonMobil – Billings,MT                                              Ambit Consulting – Tacoma, WA
Faegre Baker Daniels – Denver, CO                              EMR Environmental – Overland Park, KS
KDC Architects/Engineers – Denver, CO                     Elliot & Company Appraisers – Greensboro, NC
JBR Environmental – Butte, MT                                    Ramboll Environmental
Fort Peck Tribe – Montana                                             Willow Creek Water Users Association
Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, MT
Spanish Peaks Development
Montana Dept. of Transportation                                 Private LandownersCovering all of Montana
Moonlight Basin                                                                Land Division is our Specialty
Big EZ                                                                                  Certificates of Survey – Boundary Resolution – Subdivisions
Town of Big Sky                                                                 No Project is Too Small
Grosvenor Industries
PC Development                                                                Various Law Firms  –  Expert Witness Experience                                    
Gallatin County
Jefferson County Land Development Corp.
US Army Corps of Engineers
Bill Barrett Corporation – Denver, CO
Pond & Stream Consulting, Inc.
Grizzly Ranch – Gardiner, MT
Knife River
Baxter Meadows – Bozeman
Montana State University
Bozeman High School
Various Montana Law Firms – Expert Witness